Automate your Tasks

Empower your Workflow

Kyub is an innovative SaaS solution for Sports Complexes and Multi-faceted Institutes.
We make institutional operations effortless and drives player engagement with incredible value proposition and features

Kyub Do. Kyub Does

Empower your institute operations while your members and patrons are connected to you.
Easily channel information to your patrons for added engagement and value proposition.

Step 1

We digitize your institute

Our team helps move your manual tasks to our software.
A seamless first step towards automation.

Step 2

Operate with a computer

Control operations and interactions from the comfort of your server and work desk.
Super easy operations.

Step 3

Automate tasks

Set all your tasks to automate mode. Get insights and reports as and when you want then.
Bring value to your members.

Feel the Difference

Kyub - The responsive smart app

Kyub takes away the mundane manual tasks that you team has to partake in on a daily basis.

Reduce pen and paper involvement by automating your admin and engagement tasks with our innovative platform.

Reduce Manual Tasks
Reduce Errors

Our solution brings in automation and convenience to the many complex daily and monthly tasks.

Kyub allows you to be connected with your members and patrons and they, in turn, with you which enhances experience.

Improve Process Flow
Bottom Line Savings

Highlights of Kyub

Digital Scoring

Convert manual scoring tasks into simple and easy digital scoring

Admin Dashboard

Find everything required for your institute operations on your dashboard

Transaction Details

Keep your patrons and accounts team updated with transactional summaries

Integrated Notifications

Submit and share automated notifications or reminders with your patrons

Inventory Control

Control your inventory with a brid's eye view of your inventory stock and utilization

Events & Tournaments

Create digital representation of your events and share them with your patrons

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