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The Need of a Better Solution

Sporting Institutes and Entertainment Clubs seem to have a general to-and-fro between patron value proposition, operational costs management and member engagement.

With the increase in operational costs by up to 9% per year, Institutes and Clubs find a massive challenge in front of them for balancing their expenses while maintaining expected quality of services and appropriate financial models.

Facing these challenges – of stagnant membership subscription fees, providing more value to patrons, reducing costs and increasing efficiency of OPEX is a bigger challenge for Institutes & Clubs from the Sports or Sports ED industry.

Kyub was created to address these and all concerns which the Sports Academies, Sports Institutes or Sports Ed Facilities face. The vision of Kyub is to digitize such institutions and create an ecosystem where our clients and their patrons find a common ground with Kyub addressing their user enhancement needs. Kyub aims at increasing not only the efficiency of its signed clientele but allows them to pass on the automation benefits directly to their patrons.

Kyub is a win-win SaaS platform – With the sole aim of Increasing efficiency, enhancing revenue prospects, redefining player and member engagement. Kyub is all about connecting the Sporting Industry to Sports Institutes and Clubs